Bobby George on his PDC snub: “No one ever asked me”

George pictured paying tribute to the late Eric Bristow alongside Keith Deller and Gary Anderson (credit:Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

Darts legend Bobby George has revealed the reason the did not join the PDC is because he was never invited to.

George, 72, spent his entire career in the BDO system and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players never to have won a World Championship title.

A beaten world finalist in 1980 and 1994, 'The King of Bling' was not among the 16 players to break away from the BDO and form the World Darts Council (known today as the Professional Darts Corporation) in 1993.

Speaking exclusively to Live Darts, George admits the reason behind his decision to stay put was that he was never asked to switch.

"I think it was a bit silly in the beginning to be honest," said George.

"I didn't join the PDC, the reason why is because no one ever asked me.

"I came back in 1992 and won the play-offs and that's when they split but I wasn't involved in all that aggravation.

"It got nasty, it was: 'he's a PDC player, he's a BDO player' - 90 per cent came from the BDO and the WDF, they're the same people and I think it's stupid.

"It's like having a divorce, you don't take your ex missus out for a meal because the wife you've just married gets the hump."

In a first step towards unification for 25 years, the BDO, led by new Chairman Derek Jacklin, recently announced plans to lift all restrictions placed on PDC players to enable them to compete in BDO events.

George, who worked as a pundit for the BBC for 18 years during their coverage of the BDO World Championship, admits he no longer follows the circuit closely but believes the BDO's u-turn can only be good for the sport.

"They've come to their senses I think, which is good," he added.

"The systems are completely different, in the early days the PDC was easier because if you won the World Championship you could go in their tournament for ten years.

"In the BDO, you could win it and you're back the following year but after that you've got to qualify and it's a hard slog to qualify in the BDO.

"I don't really follow the tour like I used to, I've done my 40-odd years, I just enjoy what I'm doing now.

"I work a lot with Modus and Michael [Van Gerwen] calls me grandad!

"In fact I work more with the PDC boys than I do the BDO and there's no aggrevation."

The BDO's radical rule changes also included a free pass for ladies players enter the qualifiers for the PDC World Championship without facing any sanctions.

A number of the leading ladies stars including Anastasia Dobromyslova, Lorraine Winstanley, Deta Hedman and Fallon Sherrock will aim to book their place at Alexandra Palace, but George does not believe the move will encourage more ladies to take up the sport.

He added: "I don't think it will create more ladies playing because they could play in the BDO.

"It's not like there are thousands of ladies turning up, at an open there's 200 if they're lucky when there can be 4,000 blokes.

"Then they say to me: "Why haven't we got the prize money?" and I say because you haven't got the entry fees.

"You can't pay out if you don't get it in.

"It's nice to see the ladies playing in it, I'm not going to be nasty but they've got no chance of winning it.

"If you're in it you can win it but I don't think the ladies will win it."

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Bobby George on his PDC snub: “No one ever asked me”

Darts legend Bobby George has revealed the reason the did not join the PDC is because he was never invited to.

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