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The 2014 PDC tournament calendar has been unveiled, with more than 150 days of darts set to be played in a record-breaking year for the sport which will offer £7 million in prize money.

The PDC's growth will continue, with both the increases in prize money at the top level of the sport as well as the introduction of a separate Youth Tour and Challenge Tour system for players at grass roots level.

The new-look 2014 calendar notably confirms the move of the UK Open to be held live on ITV Sport from March 7-9 at the Butlins Minehead Resort, with players set to qualify from two weekends which will each feature three UK Open Qualifiers during February.

The European Championship moves to be held from October 23-26 live on ITV Sport, while the World Cup of Darts moves to be held from June 6-8 in Germany, broadcast live on Sky Sports.

Premier League Darts will expand to 16 nights in 2014, with the new First Direct Arena in Leeds to host the event for the first time, with season beginning on February 6 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool and coming to a conclusion on May 22 at The O2 in London.

The World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, Grand Slam of Darts, Players Championship Finals and World Championship retain their traditional places in the PDC Calendar alongside November's The Masters, which is being held for the first time later in 2013.

The PDC have also scheduled World Series of Darts events in Dubai on May 30 & 31 and in Sydney from August 28-30, following the successful introduction of the concept this year.

There will be eight European Tour events, which will begin with events in Germany and Holland in February and also visit Gibraltar, Austria and four other German venues during the course of the year.

Twenty Players Championship events will also take place during the year for full Tour Card holders over ten weekends, while players who fail to win a Tour Card at Qualifying School will be able to compete in their own series of events on the Challenge Tour.

The Challenge Tour will run alongside the Youth Tour, for any player aged from 16-21, and will see eight double-header weekends staged during 2014, featuring two Youth Tour events on the Saturday and two Challenge Tour events taking place on the Sunday.

Professional Darts Corporation tournament calendar 2014

Date > event > venue

15-18 Qualifying School [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
19 European Tour 1/2 UK Qualifier [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
20 PDC Awards Dinner [The Dorchester]

Jan 31-Feb 2 European Tour 1 [Hildesheim, Germany]
6 Premier League Darts 1 [Echo Arena Liverpool]
7 UK Open Qualifier 1 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
8 UK Open Qualifier 2 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
9 UK Open Qualifier 3 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
13 Premier League Darts 2 [BIC, Bournemouth]
14-16 European Tour 2 [Veldhoven, Netherlands]
20 Premier League Darts 3 [Odyssey Arena, Belfast]
21 UK Open Qualifier 4 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
22 UK Open Qualifier 5 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
23 UK Open Qualifier 6 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
27 Premier League Darts 4 [SECC, Glasgow]

1 Youth Tour 1 & 2 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan] 
2 Challenge Tour 1 & 2 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
6 Premier League Darts 5 [Westpoint Arena, Exeter]
7-9 UK Open TV Finals [Butlins Minehead Resort]
13 Premier League Darts 6 [Capital FM Arena, Nottingham]
15 Players Championship 1 [Barnsley Metrodome]
16 Players Championship 2 [Barnsley Metrodome]
20 Premier League Darts 7 [First Direct Arena, Leeds]
21 European Tour 3 UK Qualifier [K2 Centre, Crawley]
22 Players Championship 3 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
23 Players Championship 4 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
27 Premier League Darts 8 [The O2, Dublin]
29 Youth Tour 3 & 4 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
30 Challenge Tour 3 & 4 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]

3 Premier League Darts 9 [Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff]
4 World Youth Championship L64 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
5 Youth Tour 5 & 6 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
6 Challenge Tour 5 & 6 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
10 Premier League Darts 10 [Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield]
12 Players Championship 5 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
13 Players Championship 6 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
17 Premier League Darts 11 [GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen]
19-21 Eurpean Tour 3 [Berlin, Germany]
24 Premier League Darts 12 [Phones 4u Arena, Manchester]
26 Youth Tour 7 & 8 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
27 Challenge Tour 7 & 8 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]

1 Premier League Darts 13 [NIA, Birmingham]
2 European Tour 4 UK Qualifier [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
3 Players Championship 7 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
4 Players Championship 8 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
8 Premier League Darts 14 [Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle]
15 Premier League Darts 15 [The Brighton Centre]
22 Premier League Darts Play-Offs [The O2, London]
22 World Youth Championship Final [The O2, London]
23 European Tour 5 UK Qualifier [K2 Centre, Crawley]
24 Players Championship 9 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
25 Players Championship 10 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
30-31 World Series of Darts [Dubai]
31 Youth Tour 9 & 10 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]

1 Challenge Tour 9 & 10 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
6-8 World Cup of Darts [Hamburg, Germany]
13 European Tour 6 UK Qualifier [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
14 Players Championship 11 [Rivermead Centre, Reading]
15 Players Championship 12 Rivermead Centre, Reading]
20-22 European Tour 4 [Gibraltar]
27-29 European Tour 5 [Vienna, Austria]

4 European Tour 7/8 UK Qualifier [Barnsley Metrodome]
5 Youth Tour 11 & 12 [Barnsley Metrodome]
6 Challenge Tour 11 & 12 [Barnsley Metrodome]
11-13 European Tour 6 [Dusseldorf, Germany]
19-27 World Matchplay [Winter Gardens, Blackpool]


15-16 Singapore Masters World Series [Singapore]
22-24 Perth Masters World Series [Perth]   
28-30 Sydney Masters World Series [Sydney]

5-7 European Tour 7 [Sindelfingen, Germany]
13 Players Championship 13 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
14 Players Championship 14 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
19-21 European Tour 8 [Leipzig, Germany]
27 Youth Tour 13 & 14 [Barnsley Metrodome]
28 Challenge Tour 13 & 14 [Barnsley Metrodome]

4 Players Championship 15 [Citywest Hotel, Dublin]
5 Players Championship 16 [Citywest Hotel, Dublin]
6-12 World Grand Prix [Citywest Hotel, Dublin]
18 Players Championship 17 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
19 Players Championship 18 [K2 Centre, Crawley]
24-26 European Championship [Muelheim, Germany]

31 Oct-2 Nov The Masters [Edinburgh]
1 Youth Tour 15/16 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
2 Challenge Tour 15/16 [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
3 Grand Slam Wildcard Qualifier [Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan]
8-16 Grand Slam of Darts [Wolverhampton Civic Hall]
22 Players Championship 19 [Coventry]
23 Players Championship 20 [Coventry]
28-30 Players Championship Finals [Butlins Minehead Resort]


1 World Championship PDPA qualifier [Coverntry]    
Dec 18 to Jan 4, 2015 World Darts Championship [Alexandra Palace, London]

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